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Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards have radically changed the way individuals pay for their purchases on a daily basis. Most individuals tend to pay by using their card rather than cash. Prepaid cards are very similar to debit cards and credit cards in the way it looks. It even comes with a signature strip, the name of the company that has issued the card, and a card number.

However, prepaid cards are very different from a debit card as they are not linked to any bank account, therefore, you will not be able to avail overdraft facilities. Prepaid cards are different from credit cards as the money must be pre-loaded in a prepaid card and only the available money can be spent. Similar to debit cards and credit cards, prepaid cards come with the same convenience of use. Prepaid cards are also accepted in all places where debit cards and credit cards are accepted.


  • Prepaid cards for meals, Gifts,Rewards
  • Prepaid cards available on Mastercard /Visa Card/Rupaycard
  • Reloadable prepaid card also available
  • Easy activation
  • Prepaid cards can be used to withdraw money at ATMs and shopping purpose also.